We all love to have pets especially our furry friends and while some may only enjoy their company in leisure times and pat their backs periodically, some of us are obsessed with our pets to unbelievable limits. For those who Dog-and-pile-of-treatsbelieve their lives start and end on their pets starting a dog treat business may prove to be an opportunity of a lifetime. Not only will this business satisfies the inner urge to serve your canine companions most desired needs but will also facilitate you economically as according to a survey, pet owners in 2010 spent twice as much on pet food compared to vet bills and the industry’s total estimation in 2010 reached an amount of $47.7 billion. And you thought dog food was light business.

With 77.5 million registered dogs in the US dog treat business is the most flourishing and happening business in the pet food industry and to top that if you are dog lover yourself, your talent is unmatched by any other.

Starting a dog business may prove to be quite a hassle as many small requirements are to be met prior to starting preparation of your secret dog loved recipes. However following the book Bake a Dog a Bone – Turning Your Passion for Pets Into Profits will be a great help. You can easily find a path to go through all requirements and get straight to preparing your dog treats almost instantly.

There are several advantages that any entrepreneur will savor on the road to his successful dog treat business such as a very low cost of start up, provision of starting a home based business from your place on a small level initially, selling products on local dog bakeries or even online, option of landing in a franchise deal, chance to introduce your unique and creative dog food ideas and the opportunity to cater to a vast target market including pet store, online sales, doggie daycare, pet boutiques, vet offices, and other grooming facilities.

As far as the challenges are concerned that a new dog treat business can encounter such as areas that hold more demand for these products, following the required regulations concerning dog treats, taking in view legal issues and regulations and testing of all recipes before launching them in the market can be easily resolved through consulting the one best guide Bake a Dog a Bone. Not only does the eBook offer an easy guide to starting a dog treat business it discusses all related technicalities, market strategies, sales advice, equipments required, new ideas for recipes and FDA requirements of pet treat labels as well.

The eBook has also gained optimal success as not only is it a single advisory path that leads to a successful business of dog treats it helps in all relevant areas as well leaving no aspect un-touched. This eBook is exceptionally an asset as it is impossible to find nothing as valuable as this book at least in present times. It explains all marketing and dog treat business traits in the context of current market situation and how the multibillion dollar industry can be tapered by you in the most effective way.

The eBook has been updated thrice from its initial edition in 2002 with the latest update hitting the market in 2009 which is the fourth edition. Although it is only through reading the book can you analyze its true worth. The authors alone explain a lot about the content that is present in the book, Doug Bertram, is President of a reputed pet industry information publisher eBizWize LLC who provides consultancy to clients regarding how to succeed in the multibillion dollar industry and Chris Trombley, is Rolf C Hagen’s Director of Petco Relations.

From the very start of the book the details of establishing a successful dog treat business are given and small details that in actual make a big difference on how your business flourishes are explained in the book. The book initially emphasizes on how important it is to focus on your business structure for example business structure compels the pet owners to select a particular food product as their first choice. Use vegetables, fruits, honey, peanut butter, eggs, whole wheat and rice to make the treat healthy for dogs. If customers are offered a quality product at cost effective rates, they will have a desire to purchase it.

The Bake a Dog a Bone eBook also suggests the need and benefits of well labeled food as not only is it a FDA requirement but is also offers authenticity to your product.  Try your level best to choose an eye-catching treat label. Here are some important points that you have to keep in mind. These are

  • The treat label is clearly written with dog food indication
  • The volume of all the used ingredients should be written properly
  • There should be assured analysis to prove the ingredients are safe for pet dogs
  • The minimum use of Crude Protein
  • The minimum use of Crude Fat
  • The maximum use of Crude fiber
  • The maximum Moisture limit
  • The Expiry date of food treat
  • Add the name of your company, phone number, email address and location on the labels. The pet owners can contact you for more dog treat through your contact information.

A well written label will let the customers know about the specification of your food product. It gives reason to prefer your food item on other products. It is a personal advice to study the Bake a Dog a Bone eBook for more detailed instructions.

Organic food is the need of every pet owner. A dog treat business to be successful requires a legal certificate from the USDA. The USDA checks the quality of food, ingredients, and the rules for labeling and sanitizing food. You must get the permission on a legal basis to launch your business. Your home-based business needs the permission from local zones too.  Since approval of your recipe is an essential requirement do not try to take a risk! Get the proper instructions from a legitimate and convincing source such as the Bake a Dog a Bone eBook.

The book also offer other small techniques using which you can make your product as attractive and competitive as any other successful product in the market. For example a logo, brochure, and business cards are important to get recognition of your product. In order to achieve success in dog treat business, attach the business card to all the food packages. Try to show something new by using the same color for logo and packages. You can hire the working members from groomers, pet stores, pet boutiques, pet photographers, bakeries and obedience coaches to supply your food product sample. They will be paid to keep dog treats in their stores for visitors. Such places are the best platform to advertise your product to your real customers.

Make direct contacts with housing communities where pets are permitted to be kept in residences. Offer them your treat sample to keep in their leasing offices. It can be used as greeting package for new occupants. Grab the attraction of your customers by giving them awe-inspiring packages. Start your campaign by offering jars of food with attractive cutter for bone cookie. Search out the places where your true audience is present. Farmers markets and local craft fairs are the most encouraging place where your samples will be received happily. You must think to hire a booth for vending your product in the Sunday market also. The veterinarian offices, dog trainers, dog kennels, pet stores, day care and event shows are supporting places to introduce organic, healthy and natural food to customers.

All in all, Bake a Dog a Bone eBook is based on step by step supervision. We have a wide range of recipes which are tested and approved. The interesting niches such as business plan, marketing worksheet, real recipes and cure for dog ailments are some extra but useful topics to read. Improve your moneymaking dog treat business with these useful tips.

Personally the Niche Marketing Worksheet, Business Plan Outline and the Start Up Budget Worksheet are some other helpful techniques using which an entrepreneur can easily decide what his or her business will be worth and if it is manageable for them to continue it further on. A list of ingredients to include in your pantry is also included in the book along with tips on all natural remedies that aid towards common pet health. An added bonus is the 300 recipes for dog treats that are tried and tested for their taste and health benefits are also made available in the book which is simply impossible to ignore as they are a wonderful kick start to your business.

The qualities and benefits of Chris and Doug’s Bake a Dog a Bone eBook are endless as not only is the book helpful to start a dog treat business it is an equally informative and fun read for every dog lover and you will not even know when you started the book and when you ended it as every page adds on to something knowledgeable and interesting to your memory. It is an asset for those willing to show off their entrepreneur skills and equally enjoyable for every canine lover too.